Just enjoying life, playing videogames and developing them.
Here I will share my work, my personal projects, and a bit of myself.

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Here is a little taste of my work

Cthulhu goes to work

Time to join Ludum Dare again! This time, we tried a new game engine. We choose Godot for this, and had a great experience working on it

You can try it here or check out the Ludum Dare entry

Lost in Translation at Space

After a brief hiatus of almost two years... Ludum Dare again! a game where the only controls available are Voice Commands. It uses the Speech Recognition Web API so you need Google Chrome to try it.

You can try it here or check out the Ludum Dare entry

1337 Beat Agent

The latest entry by ConflictiveLabs for the LudumDare #32 and also my first Rhythm game. It's our homage to all those great 80's movies where the heroes hack incredible visual computer systems.


A new game by ConflictiveLabs for the LudumDare #27. It got a lot of good comments, and I really liked it. My first SHMUP, it has time control features, intant replay and a boss battle.


My first attempt at going solo at LudumDare #26. Its a game of skill and quick reflexes, and mixes a lot of 1-button control types

31 Minutos

The official game for the award winning chilean TV series '31 Minutos'. Developed by AmnesiaGames. I was the producer and lead developer in this game. It's currently available on iOS Appstore, Google Play and Windows Phone Market

Official Web

Kill Ville

This was the second game made by ConflictiveLabs for the Ludum Dare Jam Competition #25. It finished 20th Overall, but we got a lot of positive reviews.

Ninja Joe

This is the first game for touchscreen smartphones and tablets developed by AmnesiaGames. It's currently available on iOS Appstore, Google Play, Windows Phone Market, Windows 8, Amazon Appstore y Blackberry Playbook Appworld

Official Web

Psyquiatric Evaluation

I developed this game as a member of Conflictive Labs for the Ludum Dare Jam Competition #24. We got first place on Mood and Innovation, and fifth place Overall


Some experiments, bits of code, maybe useless, maybe helpful. Who cares!
I will try to add most of this demos on GitHub

Security Card

Mobile App that serves as replacement for you coordinate card issued by your bank.

Check it out on GitHub

Two Step Validation

This is a full demo built in php+mysql implementing two step validation for login usign Google Authenticator algorithm.

Check it out on GitHub

PHP Salted Hash

This php shows a way to secure store passwords in a database. View it on GitHub.

You can try the demo here

Azure data management in PHP

This are examples built in PHP for Data Storage Management on Microsoft Azure Service. Included examples: Relational Databases and Table Storage (NoSQL)

View it on GitHub

The Everything Formula Plotter

This is a javascript implementation for the plotting algorithm of the Everything Formula.

You can try the demo here

Chilean Rut Validation

This is an AngularJS module to validate and format Chilean RUT. You can check out the project on GitHub.

You can try the demo here


A few snapshots of my life


My name is Francisco Alcántara. I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. Since I was a boy I was very interested about computers. My first approach was an Atari 800XL with BASIC programming language

I studied Civil Engineering with a Degree in Industry and Computer Science at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile During my career y learned various programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, html & JS, PostgreSQL and MySQL, and several agile techniques for managing projects like SCRUM and eXtreme Programming.

I've always loved videogames. I owned an Atari, then a PS one, a PS2, and currently own a PS3, a Xbox 360, a Wii and a 3DS; and that love drove me to study Computer Science, but never thought possible the idea of to be working developing videogames, until one day I met Alejandro Woywood, a teacher at my University and founder of AmnesiaGames one of the first Game Developer Studios in Chile. I did my internship there, and now, after 5 years, I'm a full time Project Engineer, managing and developing several videogames developments. Dreams do come true :)

Currently, I split my time between my work, videogaming, some personal projects, and my passion for music. I'm always looking for the next challenge and I hope to be able to share some interesting projects with all of you